Refused Visa Applications

When an Immigration Consultant is involved, the visa officers pay more attention when assessing an application. And the reason being is that the visa officers respect that Immigration Consultants are extremely knowledgeable with the immigration laws and understand that proper due process and procedural fairness must be followed.

If a strong application is presented by a consultant and no grounds to justify a refusal, there are higher chances of visa approvals Our firm typically drafts a 4 -5 page submission letter presenting each client’s application, highlighting the important facts to address all 13 reasons for refusal. If required, we will also include case law from Federal Court to address unfair reasons for refusal such as:

  • Lack of Travel History
  • Strong Ties to Canada
  • Not Likely to Return Home

Clients will have an opportunity to review the prepared file, we always make sure a copy of submission letter is sent for a review to the client before submitting their application.

If you have been refused a TRV, please contact our Apogee Immigration to get Professional Expertise on your case. We have helped many clients obtain a visa after a refusal. This is our area of expertise!